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Heels brutalize Maui host in consolation game



Prior to this week's Maui Invitational, most realistic Carolina fans would have greeted a 2-1 mark as a positive sign for this season's young Tar Heels. But after Butler dealt UNC an emphatic defeat in the semifinal round, and after host Chaminade defeated Texas on day one, the Heels' bounce-back effort led them away from a major-conference program and to an inconclusive finale.

The Heels dominated from the opening tip versus the Silverswords, creating a wide margin early and winning 112-70. One question took center stage during the game: How the hell did Chaminade defeat Texas on day one?

After a poor outing versus Butler, Carolina's shooters regained form against Chaminade. They'll travel to Indiana next week as a clear underdog versus the No. 1 Hoosiers. Click here to view the UNC/Chaminade box score.

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