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"One Shining Moment" with Jennifer Hudson, reviewed



Will tonight be the apotheosis of the most annoying basketball team since... well, since last year's NCAA champion?

Whether Duke wins by 30 points, or Butler loses by 28, you can count on one thing: One shining moment.

Ah, yes: our favorite slo-mo montage of about 264 snippets of apoplectic coaches, fist-pumps and chest-bumps, slam-jams and cocked-wrist, backpedal-up-the-court-after-the-treys.

If you're still awake at approximately 2 a.m. when the Blue Devils are cutting down the nets, you'll want to keep the TV on for this year's "One Shining Moment." The tune was penned by David Barrett in 1986 as an ode to Larry Bird before being adopted by the Final Four the following year.

The Indy's Grayson Currin, who is mostly a music editor and curator of a truly awesome music festival, also reports on Duke basketball for this blog. Over the weekend, he was asked by Sports Illustrated's SI.com to review Jennifer Hudson's new interpretation of the March Madness chestnut, which has been previously interpreted by Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross.

The verdict: "[Hudson's] the star, talented enough to be brazen, and brazen enough to make the song her own.

The review is here.

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