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Bulls on the Move (We Think): Bradford, Brignac, Chaves



[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Chad Bradford's rehab assignment brings him to Durham"]


The folks over at DRaysBay are reporting that Chad Bradford has been promoted to Durham. Bradford has been on a minor-league rehab assignment with the Class-AA Montgomery Biscuits. They're also saying that Brandon Chaves has been Bisquicked to make room for Reid Brignac, who rejoins Durham tonight after filling in for Jason Bartlett in Tampa during Bartlett's injury. Got all that?

It should be noted that no one else is reporting this, but on the other hand the DRaysBay crew hasn't been wrong about anything in my experience. Bradford is a veteran reliever who gained a fair amount of notoriety via the book Moneyball, in which he is prominently featured. (Warning: that link has got to be a copyright violation. But read it anyway.) Specifically, Bradford became one of Billy Beane's great examples in assessing a ballplayer not by how he looks but what his stats say he accomplishes: Bradford's delivery is about as submarine as it gets---he's been known to scrape his knuckles on the mound as he throws---and he doesn't throw hard. But he's been successful for most of his career. He's coming off of elbow surgery, so we'll see how he does.

Another rider on the Montoyo-go-round.

Is the sky lifting a little? I'm betting there's baseball tonight at the DBAP.

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