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Two Coaches, Two Goals



Interesting to watch Roy Williams let his team run their final play against FSU yesterday without a timeout to set it up. He seemed to have decided to let things go according to their own plan in the ACC Tournament; a tad more micromanagement here and there might have tipped yesterday's game in UNC's favor. Danny Green (hello?) would have helped, too. It almost looked like he was getting paid to throw the games this weekend. That's not an accusation, just a measure of how awful and tentative he looked.

On the other hand, Mike Krzyzewski has apparently decided that winning this tournament is really important -- probably because his team will be guaranteed a #2 seed by running the table and might even fool the Selection Committee into giving them a #1. To that end he has implemented a slow-down game to preserve the energy of his overworked horses. If Singler, Scheyer et al had to run up and down the court for three straight days, it's hard to imagine them having anything left in the tank by now. Coach K knows his team's strength: shoot three-pointers. As long as his guys have the wind and legs to do that, they have a good chance to win again today, so look for another walk-it-up affair against the Seminoles. But who's going to stop Toney Douglas for Duke?

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