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James Worthy > UNC (> or =) Duke



The cover of our Dec. 3 N.C. Basketball Preview featured local musicians Bradley Cook (wearing the Duke shirt; a member of Megafaun) and William Anderson (wearing N.C. State and UNC apparel; a member of The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers). Both of these guys—natives of the mighty state of Wisconsin—could care less about ACC basketball, though Cook did buy a UNC sweatshirt and began rooting (mildly) for the Tar Heels upon moving to N.C. in 2006. This morning, though, Cook decided to take a definitive stand for UNC before tonight's really big game versus Duke. Thing is, his decision doesn't have anything to do with the current Tar Heels squad...


Cook is known in some circles as a member of Megafaun, in others as a gigantic Los Angeles Lakers fan and in still others as Bro III. That's right, Psycho T: He's not pulling for you. He's pulling for the legend that is alumnus and Gastonia native "Big Game" James Ager Worthy.

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