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No Kandji for the RailHawks in 2009


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 Not coming to Cary 

Not that it was a likely scenario, but the RailHawks did technically own the contract to Macoumba Kandji, the Atlanta striker who finished last season in the MLS Cup final with the New York Red Bulls. 

Today, the Red Bulls made it official: They've bought out the Senegalese striker's contract, which [could] involve a compensation to the RailHawks. Kandji's transfer fee has been reported elsewhere to be about $150,000. [No details of the deal were disclosed in the Red Bulls' announcement, per MLS and club policy.] [See editorial note below.]

Kandji scored 11 goals in 21 appearances last season for the Silverbacks, and finished third in the league in points, with 27, despite appearing in significantly fewer games than other league leaders.

Here's the official announcement.

[Ed. note: This post was modified for clarity after its initial publication, with brackets indicating the amended text.]


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