Conjecture, thy name is Vernal. (Also, Duke is 2-1) | Sports

Conjecture, thy name is Vernal. (Also, Duke is 2-1)



Take notice Blue Devil nation, it may very well be that your football team—by ACC standards at least—does not suck. True, their only wins have come by way of teams who either played seemingly without the benefit of a secondary (Navy), or who were altogether lacking of a pulse (James Madison). And it's also true that the offensive fireworks and final 41-31 score do mask what was an otherwise sloppy game. That said, it's customary for teams to fill out the early portion of the season with twinkies, creampuffs and other easily digested confectioneries; all the better to work out the kinks before getting to the meat of the schedule. David Cutcliffe, who some are calling the first legit coach Duke has had in years, knows this, or rather, this is something I'd expect a legit coach to know.

Whatever. Thaddeus Lewis—he of ACC player-of-the-week fame—scorched the aforementioned porous Navy pass defense to the tune of 317 yards. Under Cutcliffe's tutelage, the still rawly talented Lewis seems to be blossoming. That and the fact that the team is now in the business of breaking losing streaks (Note: The Midshipmen have taken four of the last five contests.) rather than starting them should I think give the fan base reason to be cautiously optimistic about the team's prospects.

So to those 10 or so thousand Dukies that did not show up to Wallace Wade Stadium on Saturday, and to the ones who did but fled for cooler locales after the first quarter, I'll say this: Get happy. There are no gimmes on the schedule, and the road to the Orange Bowl (Yeah, I said it.) only gets tougher from here.

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