On Sunday, All Day Records celebrates three years with 21 bands | Music

On Sunday, All Day Records celebrates three years with 21 bands

All Day's record keeps spinning



When Carrboro’s All Day Records opened its doors in 2010, some skepticism would have been understandable. Opening any record store amid the oft-proclaimed death throes of the music industry seems like a crazy prospect; opening one that eschewed CDs almost entirely and focused its wares on the fringes, well, it might’ve been called a hail mary.

But it worked. Finding quick and stable footing among adventurous music fans in the Triangle, All Day has been rather successful. Some of this could surely be attributed to its co-owners’ long local music resumes. Together, Charlie Hearon and Ethan Clauset have compiled a CV that includes roles with UNC-Chapel Hill’s student radio station WXYC, volunteering with the longstanding Internationalist Books, running the boutique imprint FrequeNC Records, and promoting gigs and small festivals.

Three years later, the shop’s success as a retail hub for exotic sounds, a reliable show space and a community hangout feels less surprising. That success surely helped to convince 21 bands—a wide-ranging assortment of local and national talent—to congregate on All Day’s narrow floor on Sunday. From Jeff Rehnlund’s mutated tape recordings to the massed-guitar drone-olith of The Hem of His Garment and from Flesh Wounds’ caffeinated garage-punk to Secret Boyfriend’s avant-pop experiments, the lineup boasts a dizzying array of sounds.

At the top of the bill, though, lands the afternoon’s clear standout. Fingerstyle guitar phenom Daniel Bachman made his Seven Pines a 2012 standout with an urgent, occasionally aggressive take on the folk-rooted style. Today, Bachman, who has just moved to Chapel Hill, will depart from his usual solo guise and headline with an eponymous band.

The anniversary party starts at noon on Sunday, Sept. 29, and promises food in addition tot he music. A full lineup of bands is below:

● Daniel Bachman Band
● Flesh Wounds
● America Reads
● Yugen
● Secret Boyfriend
● J.M. Borer / C. Aurthur W. / Jim Capps
● Brendan O'Connell
● Hem of His Garment
● Stems
● Fruit
● Lamb Skin
● Marble Laugh
● Lazy Magnet
● Housefire
● Ass Casket
● Samantha Vacation
● Lack
● Novo Line
● Raphael
● Jeff Rehnlund
● Yohimbe

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