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Hurricane Florence Expected to Turn Left, Go Bother South Carolina Instead


I’m not sure this is exactly what Pat Robertson’s shield of protection envisioned, but I’ll take it: The 5:00 a.m. projections from the National Hurricane Center show Hurricane Florence slowing down and tacking to the south once it nears shore, the result of some sort of steering current, and then lolling its way through South Carolina and into northern Georgia by early Monday morning.

If Flo doesn’t change her mind again, the Triangle could be spared the worst of it. We are not currently under a tropical storm watch or warning, which means we would be anticipating sustained wind speeds in excess of 39 mph. One projection I saw on the television this morning forecast wind speeds in Raleigh hovering in the low thirties, which is significant, to be sure, but not catastrophic.

We will, however, almost certainly get a ton of rain—probably Matthew amounts—and concomitant flooding. Provided the storm continues along this path, we can expect somewhere between five and ten inches between Thursday and Monday. This projection from The Weather Channel seems to put us more in the three-to-five-inch range.

And, as ABC11 meteorologist Don Schwenneker explains below, we are still in the dreaded CONE OF UNCERTAINTY, which means we’re not out of the woods yet. And wherever this thing lands, it’s still going to back a hell of a punch.

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