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It’s Going to Snow. Don’t Freak Out.


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When you wake up tomorrow, there will be snow on the ground.

It’s OK. Everything will be fine.

The latest forecast calls for somewhere between one and three inches of the stuff—maybe a little more—by tomorrow morning. It will fall steadily until about noon, with flurries in the afternoon and skies clearing overnight. Much of the Triangle will shut down. There will be a run on milk and bread. Tomorrow, you should stay off the roads if at all possible—not because a couple of inches is inherently a big deal, but because everybody around here forgets how to drive after the first flake falls. By Thursday, the temperature will get into the mid-forties and the snow will start to melt. By Sunday, we’ll be in the sixties, the snow will be gone, and all will be right with the world.

Everything will be fine.

Unless there are power and/or internet outages. That would suck.

Schools and government buildings will probably be closed tomorrow, and maybe on Thursday, as well. (The schools haven’t officially announced that yet, but we all know it’s coming.) Lots of other businesses will close, too. WRAL is keeping a running tab on these announcements. You can follow along here.

If you’re bored tomorrow—your boss doesn’t really believe you’re “working from home”—you could binge all eight episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is an extraordinary television program. Or you could sip whiskey (or hot chocolate, whatever) and read a book. Or you could drink a beer at noon and listen to music and while the day away. Or you could take your kid sledding (provided there’s enough snow to do that sort of thing), or take your dog for a walk (dogs love snow), or sleep in and do absolutely nothing.

Or you gather some of that snow and your front lawn and make snow cream, which is a real thing with a real recipe that goes like this:

SnOMG Cream

Make four servings

6–8 cups fresh snow

1–2 cups half-and-half, milk or canned milk (divided)

1–1½ cups sugar (divided)
2–3 tsp. vanilla (divided)

fruit jam or topping, optional

Collect fresh, ice-free snow in a large bowl.

Measure 1 cup liquid, 3/4 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla in bowl. (If using chocolate syrup or cocoa mix, add now.) Use a whisk or fork to combine, ensuring that the sugar is dissolved. Pour over snow and use a wide spatula to fold and combine into an ice cream-like texture. Snow will significantly reduce in volume.

Taste to determine if the mixture is sweet and creamy enough for your taste; note it will be a little crunchy in comparison to traditional ice cream. If needed, prepare more of the liquid-sugar-vanilla mixture, quickly adding and stirring until it’s just right.

Serve immediately, topped with your favorite fruit jam or ice cream topping.
Whatever you do, be safe and enjoy yourself.

Everything will be fine.


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