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Durham's First Sustainability Report Finds Residential Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Down 7 Percent


Among the highlights of the city of Durham's first-ever sustainability report: residential greenhouse gas emissions are down 7 percent since 2008, despite population growth, and Durham residents are using 23 percent less water than the average North Carolinian.

The report looks at the city's waste management, energy efficiency, transportation system and green infrastructure, and some future sustainability projects.

”In addition to shedding light on Durham’s recent accomplishments, the information will help inform a comprehensive Sustainability Plan,” says city sustainability specialist Erin Victor. “By reflecting on our progress, we can identify new opportunities to make Durham an even more resilient and sustainable city.”

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Here are some more tidbits from the report. You can read the full document here.
  • Since 2009, emissions generated by city buildings has decreased by nearly 22 percent. Residential and commercial emissions are down 7 percent and industrial emissions 3 percent. The city has a goal of reducing emissions community-wide by 30 percent by 2030.
  • Durham’s methane-to-electricity facility generates enough electricity each year to power nineteen hundred homes.
  • Durham residents use an average of fifty-four gallons of water per day, compared with the statewide average of seventy gallons per day and the national average of ninety-eight gallons per day.
  • About two-thirds of the waste stream from single family homes could be diverted, including recyclable materials, food waste, and other compostable items and textiles. In partnership with the state, the city hopes to launch a pilot curbside compost program in fiscal year 2018.
  • Durham is home to more than 575 miles of sidewalks and 40 miles of bike lanes. More than three thousand trees have been planted since 2014.

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