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NBA Picks Charlotte for 2019 All-Star Game; HB 2 Deal Works Again


The ACC and NCAA already caved, so when the NBA announced today that in light of the HB 2 "compromise" signed by Governor Cooper earlier this year it would bring All-Star Weekend to Charlotte in 2019, it wasn't all that surprising.

Here are the details, from
“We have decided to award NBA All-Star 2019 to Charlotte based on this deep connection and the belief that we can honor our shared values of equality and inclusion, and we are excited to bring the All-Star Game back to Charlotte for the first time in 28 years.

“While we understand the concerns of those who say the repeal of HB2 did not go far enough, we believe the recent legislation eliminates the most egregious aspects of the prior law. Additionally, it allows us to work with the leadership of the Hornets organization to apply a set of equality principles to ensure that every All-Star event will proceed with open access and anti-discrimination policies. All venues, hotels and businesses we work with during All-Star will adhere to these policies as well.

“Sports have a long history of helping to change attitudes around important social issues. We believe holding our All-Star activities in Charlotte will be a powerful way for the NBA to continue this tradition.”
So awarding the game to an North Carolina city, even though transgender North Carolinians are still not considered a protected class, is going to help change attitudes? Got it.

Governor Cooper was excited.
"Today’s NBA announcement is positive news for Charlotte. Hosting the All-Star Game will pump millions of dollars into our economy and provide an incredible showcase for our state, but it will also remind us of the work that remains to ensure equal rights and protections for all North Carolinians," he said in a news release. "I’m glad the NBA recognizes the progress we’ve made and will continue to be a partner as we push for statewide LGBT protections."
Progress. Right.

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