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Autopsy: Cops Shot Kenny Bailey in the Back, Front of the Leg


An autopsy of Kenneth Bailey Jr., who was fatally shot by Durham Police on February 15, shows he was shot in the left side of his upper back.

The autopsy, conducted by the Office of the State Medical Examiner, says that same bullet traveled upward, punctured both of his lungs, and was found lodged near his right shoulder, suggesting he had been shot from the side and by someone at a lower angle. Although the autopsy notes damage to the vessels surrounding Bailey's heart, it says the heart itself was intact.
Kenneth Bailey Jr.
  • Kenneth Bailey Jr.
Durham Police have maintained that Bailey, fleeing, had pointed a gun at them before officers fired the fatal shots. His family, in conducting their own interviews of residents in the Club Boulevard neighborhood where he was shot, says no witnesses reported hearing officers tell Bailey to drop a weapon. Instead they say they heard him "plead for his life between shots."

According to the autopsy, Bailey was also shot in the front of the right lower leg. The medical examination doesn't provide any clues on whether Bailey was first shot in the leg or the back. There was no soot around either wound, which would have suggested close-range shots.

Here's the full autopsy report:

Autopsy by Sarah on Scribd

Police went to Bailey's cousin's house on Glenbrook Drive on February 15 after Bailey broke a curfew associated with pre-trial release terms. Bailey had been awaiting trial for an August 2016 robbery charge that his family says he planned to dispute. He had been required to wear an ankle monitoring device and be home between the hours of seven p.m. and seven a.m.

In their five-day report on the shooting, police say on the door of the house and Bailey ran, but his family say officers "stormed" the home with guns drawn. They do not dispute that Bailey ran from police, but say that none of the witnesses they spoke to saw Bailey point a gun at the officers.

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