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Police Chief: No More Checkpoints in Durham


The Durham Police Department has been ordered to stop conducting all traffic checkpoints moving forward, Police Chief C.J. Davis announced at a Durham Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods meeting this afternoon.

During a brief Q&A session at the event, which brought an estimated 1,300 people to Durham's Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Davis said she was "very disturbed about what is happening in our nation" and assured attendees that "checkpoints in the city of Durham have been directed to cease and desist."

In the video, which is embedded below, a few audience members shouted "mentira!"—liar in Spanish—in response to Davis's later claim that "law enforcement leaders pledged to vehemently deny any participation in immigrant deportation."

Davis's assurances come amid growing concerns about the use of police checkpoints near Durham public schools, including a reported driver's license checkpoint minutes away from a public school with a substantial Latino population.

The Durham PD clarified Davis' statement in a release issued this afternoon. It reads:

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