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Two HRC Members Blast Commission's Jail Recommendations


Apparently, two members of Durham's Human Relations Committee are none too pleased with their fellow commissioners—and have no interest in being associated with the HRC's call for reform inside the Durham County Detention Facility. Commissioners Richard Ford and Ricky Hart penned this "minority report," which was obtained by the INDY, in which they argue the HRC is "without jurisdiction" and that the body's report deals with "numerous issues beyond the scope of the DCDF."

If you have been following this issue, you might remember Hart, who, before the HRC voted to approve its draft of recommendations, suggested that the group's allegations of racial bias within the local justice system were overstated. "In the last forty-five days, how many homicides occurred in Durham?" he asked. "Six. What was the race of those [involved]?" In other words, if blacks commit crimes at an outsize rate, there will be more blacks behind bars.

His statement drew the ire of Southern Coalition for Social Justice attorney Dave Hall, who pointed out that if the cops patrolled rich, white neighborhoods with the same enthusiasm with which they patrol poor, black ones, the data wouldn't be so askew.

Anyway, here is the aforementioned "minority report":

And here is the HRC's original draft (this document was approved with the understanding that a few minor changes would be made):

Hart and Ford both voted against sending the HRC's recommendations to the Durham City Council and county Board of Commissioners. Now, it seems, they have doubled down on their contempt for the document.

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