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North Carolinians Will Take Obama Over Trump, Survey Finds


Hey, North Carolina Hillary supporters. Here's a statistic that might make you want to rip your hair out: One-third of Donald Trump voters in the state think the president-elect should be able to use a private email server.

That's according to a survey released today by the firm Public Policy Polling. The survey, which polled 953 registered voters across the state from January 13th to the 16th, found Trump to be more unpopular among Tar Heels than the outgoing president.

“North Carolinians would rather keep the President they have right now than move to the President they’re about to get,” Dean Debnam, the President of Public Policy Polling, said in a statement.

According to the survey, just 44 percent of voters said they have a positive opinion of Trump, while 49 percent said they viewed him negatively. The unfavorability even extends to Trump's own supporters: Among those who voted for the president-elect, according to the survey, 14 percent don't view him positively. Obama, meanwhile, earned the approval of 50 percent of Tar Heel voters and the disapproval of 47 percent. When asked who would perform better in office, respondents selected the outgoing president over Trump, 49 to 45 percent.

Now, in a state that went for Clinton, these results might not be particularly surprising. But Trump carried North Carolina — a pivotal and hotly contested swing state — by roughly four points. And yet, more than half of voters polled said that he shouldn't be allowed on the 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns. Which is all to say that, at least according to the this survey's results, the president-elect is poised to take the helm and yet residents of a state that voted for him are still deeply concerned about his ability to perform basic functions of his job.

Here's a rundown of North Carolinians' major concerns, per Public Policy Polling:

  • Very few voters think Trump has done enough to divest himself from his business interests as he prepares to take office. 59% want to see him fully divest himself from his business interests, to only 32% who don't think it's necessary for him to take that step.

  • Voters continue to be concerned about Trump's lack of transparency when it comes to releasing his tax returns. 60% think he needs to release his returns,  compared to only 32% who don't think it's necessary for him to. In fact voters don't think Trump should even be allowed to be on the ballot again in 2020 if he stays on his current course - 54% of voters say they'd require a law requiring a candidate for President to release 5 years of tax returns in order to appear on the ballot.

  • Voters do not want the wall with Mexico if they have to pay for it up front. Just 38% of voters support the border wall if American taxpayers have to front the money for it, to 53% who are opposed to that.

  • Only 40% of voters think repealing the Affordable Care Act should be Congress' first course of action on health care- 55% think it would be better to keep what works in the ACA and fix what doesn't.

You can read more about the survey's methodology and its results here.

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