NCDHHS Employee Called Elizabeth Warren a "Dike!!!!" [sic] in State Email | News

NCDHHS Employee Called Elizabeth Warren a "Dike!!!!" [sic] in State Email


Ever wonder what McCrory administration employees do on taxpayer time? Well, here's an email from July in which a Trump-loving N.C. Department of Health and Human Services project manager named Janet Hensel sounded off on the Democratic National Convention ... and a certain senator from Massachusetts, an allegedly insufficient quantity of American flags on the DNC stage, and the presence of Paul Simon, Eva Longoria, and Susan Sarandon, the latter two whose names Janet misspelled. (This email was sent to the INDY as part of a batch of emails released in response to an unrelated public records request.)

In case you can’t read that image, here’s the transcript, in which Hensel is responding to a conservative chain mail sent to her:

OMG!! The convention was sooooo horrible. Not even because of Hillary—but every speaker slamming Trump as racist, bigit, rich billionaire that’s had everything handed to him, bankruptcy, against Latinos … et al. Wow—Elizabeth Warren was out for blood!!!! (Dike)!!!!

I don’t think any American fits that description.

Guess what was so wrong about stage????? No American flags!!!!!

Eva Longorio, Paul Simon, Susan Surandan, other Hollywood celebrities. 
No, but really: Who hates Paul Simon?

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