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Local Lawyer: Officer Who Fired Fatal Shot Has a History ...


An email sent from a local attorney to members of the Durham City Council this morning notes that Master Officer C.S. Barkley, the man who fired the shots that killed thirty-four-year-old Frank "Scooter Bug" Clark last week in McDougald Terrace, has been accused of use of excessive force on numerous occasions.

From Ian Mance, a staff attorney with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice:
It is also worth noting that Mance is not the only person to claim that Barkley has a history of less-than-professional interactions with city residents. Several people interviewed by the INDY have made similar claims—from some who allege they have been assaulted by Barkley, to others who say they have witnessed unnecessary and undocumented use of force by the officer.

A press conference is scheduled for 3 p.m. in McDougald Terrace. Attorneys and members of Clark's family are expected to state their case that Clark did not deserve to die and that the five-day report issued by the city late Tuesday's evening is inaccurate.

In case you missed it, here is the report:

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