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The Morning Roundup: Will This Become the Norm?


Is it Thursday already? Man, this week feels like it's been a decade. But, for now, here's a rundown of today's headlines.

1. Horrible, hateful graffiti gets covered up in downtown Durham—as it should.
WNCN reported yesterday that two walls in downtown Durham were spraypainted with the sentence: "Black lives don't matter and neither does your vote." This happened the day after Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the country. While we don't know the motives behind the graffiti, it's highly likely that the two are somewhat related. Either way. I'm just going to say it for the masses: Black lives DO matter. And so do their votes.

Luckily, someone with a sense of humanity came by to alter the graffiti and it's scheduled to be cleaned up and taken down.

2. Social media hyped a photo of the KKK walking across a bridge in Mebane, NC. Then it turns out to be false.
The photo shared widely on Twitter yesterday showing people walking across the bridge, in what appeared to be hooded robes with flags, appears to have not been taken Wednesday morning after the election was called fro Trump. Instead, Politifact and along with help from a reporter in Burlington determined the photo was from a pro-Trump group that had gathered on the bridge on Tuesday.

From Politifact:

Although the tweet claimed the marchers were on the bridge in Mebane Wednesday morning, they were actually there on Tuesday afternoon and night.

Natalie Allison Janicello, a reporter for the local Burlington Times-News, was there interviewing them. She said she’s sure the group in the viral post is the same group she spoke with; she could recognize the same flags and the neon yellow shirt of someone in the photo.

None of them were wearing any KKK regalia, she said, or carrying flags associated with the Confederacy or white supremacy movements. Instead, they had Trump signs, red-white-and-blue scarves and an assortment of American, Christian and "Don’t Tread On Me" flags.

"There was no one claiming or professing to be part of the KKK," Janicello said. "These were just local conservatives who were out there for Trump."

Janicello said they had actually come to that spot a few times a month, since February, to wave flags to passing traffic.

3. WTVD reports a woman walking in downtown Durham was hit by a car and later died.
She was walking near the Carolina Theatre on Wednesday night when she was struck by the car. No other information was available.

4. At a national level, protests have broken out denouncing President-elect Trump, including New York City and Portland.
Our sister paper, the Willamette Week, has a rundown of the second night of protests in Portland.

Several people spoke, including Gregory McKelvey of Don't Shoot Portland.

"We're going to be a beacon of light for the country," McKelvey said. "We're going to keep this going."

McKelvey led the massive group up Southwest 6th Avenue. People weaved through busses and cars, shooting flares and chanting "Not our president," "Fuck Trump" and "Black lives matter."

They marched over the Morrison Bridge and were on Grand Avenue by 6pm. They shut down Interstate 84, and then the northbound lanes of I-5 near the Moda Center.

No protests have happened in Durham yet, but when/if they do, we'll be covering them.

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