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Hours into Early Voting, Polling Places Are Facing Long Lines


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We're about three hours into early voting, and we're already seeing long lines at polling places across the Triangle. In some places, such as the Board of Elections office in Durham, people were lined up well before voting opened at 9 a.m.. And within the first hour, votes numbered in the hundreds and wait times were growing. 
If you're planning to vote today, you'll most likely be waiting a bit, but that’s probably better than the alternative. 

Since it started in 2000, early voting has become an increasingly popular option for North Carolina voters. In the 2012 presidential election, nearly 61 percent of voters cast their ballots through non-Election Day means, including early voting and absentee ballots. 

And while we appreciate the hard work the boards of elections in Wake, Orange, and Durham counties do, we’ve gotta hand it to Buncombe County, which has a "What's the Wait?" page that allows early voters to look to see how many people are in line at a polling place in real time, like so: 

We'll update this story throughout the day.


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