The Morning Roundup: Donald Trump Jr. Tastes the Rainbow and a Poll That Makes You Go Hmmm | News

The Morning Roundup: Donald Trump Jr. Tastes the Rainbow and a Poll That Makes You Go Hmmm


Good morning, everybody. Let's get going.

1) Donald Trump Jr. hates Skittles ... and refugees.

Remember when you were a kid and people warned you to stay away from red M&Ms? Well, Donald Trump Jr. apparently didn't understand the difference between fact and urban legend.

Or maybe, this explains more than we think. I mean, we all remember Ronald Reagan's affection for jellybeans. Perhaps, the former president was simply picturing things he didn't like before sending them down the hatch.


"Umm. Those kids smoking pot are the red ones. I LOVE the red ones. Wait. This sugar high is giving me an idea. Let's get serious about this war on drugs thing and put an entire generation of blacks in jail. Delicious!"

2) Elon calls less than 700 people, McCrory has "statistically insignificant" edge.

We don't believe it either. The people of North Carolina are smarter than that. But here's what pollsters found. 

Now, before you look—and your eyes, quite possibly, catch fire—think happy thoughts. And remember that we're talking about 644 people here and only 17 percent identified themselves as liberal. So we invite you to close your eyes and try to picture one of the 313 people who said they would be picking McCrory come November—or, if you're feeling REALLY adventurous, one of the 243 who said they support HB 2.

FYI: Right now, I'm picturing, while the banjo deal from "Deliverance" is playing in the background, an elderly woman saying something like, "I don't want no WOMAN dressed as a MAN going to the bathroom next to my HUSBAND," while crying about protecting "the children." 
McCrory is in front of Cooper 49-46 percent among likely voters, having moved ahead of his challenger since a spring Elon Poll that found Cooper with a 6-point lead over the incumbent governor, with his lead within the survey’s margin of error.
But hey, nearly half of the people they surveyed oppose HB 2.
49.5 percent of likely voters in the state are opposed to House Bill 2, which was passed in March by the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. McCrory. The law has recently generated another round of national attention with the announcements last week by the NCAA and the ACC that they would relocate championship contests scheduled to be held in North Carolina to locations outside the state due to HB2.
How depressing would it be if only 49.5 percent of the state was appalled by this bill?

The good news? Elon also determined McCrory's "lead" was "statistically insignificant" due to the poll's margin of error. Makes you wonder if the results of the most recent Quinnipiac poll are that close? No. No they are not.


3) There is still time, but not much of it, to run for Durham Board of Education seat.

From Durham Public Schools:
The Durham Public Schools Board of Education requests applications from eligible residents of the District 2 Board of Education voting district to fill a vacancy on the Board.
The completed application includes a statement of interest form, a statement of qualifications and two letters of support. These should be submitted to June Snyder, School Board Liaison, by e-mail to or by hand delivery or letter carrier to Ms. Snyder at: Durham Public Schools, 511 Cleveland Street, Durham, NC, 27701. The deadline for submitting all materials is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.
There's your notice. If you want in, get on it ... immediately.

4) Trump doubles down on racial profiling after attacks.

Well, recent attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota have only fueled Donald Trump's fire. And by fire, we mean bigotry.

From CNN:
"Our local police — they know who a lot of these people are. They are afraid to do anything about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling," Trump said on Fox News on Monday. Trump pointed to how Israel used profiling and "done an unbelievable job."
Ok. That's enough for today. Anybody know where we can score some Skittles?

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