The Morning Roundup: Delusional McCrory Blames Obama, Cooper for Forcing His Hand on HB2 ... For Real | News

The Morning Roundup: Delusional McCrory Blames Obama, Cooper for Forcing His Hand on HB2 ... For Real


Good morning ... or for those of you recovering from Hopscotch, good afternoon. Let's get going.

1) McCrory blames Cooper, Obama for forcing him into HB 2.

No, we didn't make that up. It seems the governor isn't taking his current plight well—you know, that whole getting his ass handed to him in the polls thing. So he's thinking, "Hmm. What can I do to turn the tides? Wait. I've got it. I'll blame Barack Obama and Roy Cooper for my HORRIBLE decision."

Bravo, Pat. We knew you had another scummy move in you. 

From the N&O:
McCrory said Attorney General Roy Cooper “has a history of doing nothing” on education. And he blamed Cooper and the “political left” for prompting the law known as HB2.
Wait for it. This explanation is awesome—and by awesome, we, of course, mean shameful.
“It was the mayor of this city, with the support of Roy Cooper and now the president of the United States, who’s bringing a very radical idea – redefining gender – and putting a new mandate at the federal level on all businesses and all universities and our schools regarding letting boys use the girls’ bathroom and shower facilities,” McCrory said.
Here's some free advice, Pat. This isn't going to work out for you. Maybe you should just stop talking about HB 2 and pray that the majority of voters in the state—you know, the ones who according to the polls support your opponent—hit their heads and forget about the discriminatory bathroom law.

What's that you say? You'd rather put out a campaign ad where you mock people for being outraged and go all-in on HB 2, hoping it will some how rally your base? In case you missed it in yesterday's roundup ...

Way to keep it classy, governor.

2) Victory for voters in Wake County

The State Board of Elections ruled late Thursday to expand the number of polling places Wake voters will have to choose from for the first seven days of early voting. That's a win.

From WRAL:
The ruling came roughly seven hours after members of the state board began picking their way through decisions on how many locations and hours voters in 33 North Carolina counties will have to cast in-person early ballots.
In case you didn't know, here is what the GOP was hoping for:
Two Republican members, Eddie Woodhouse and Ellis Boyle, voted earlier this year for an early voting plan that opened 17 sites during the final 10 days of the early voting period. But during the first seven days of early voting, that GOP-favored "majority plan" would have opened only the downtown Wake County Board of Elections office for voting.
And if Thursday's ruling wasn't enough of a victory, the board also restored Sunday voting and early voting hours.
Noting the watchful eye of a federal court, the State Board of Elections voted to restore Sunday early voting hours in several counties that had offered the option – popular among African-American voters – in 2012.
The board also voted to add early voting hours in counties where schedules had been cut. But in party line votes, the board’s Republican majority rejected efforts to add Sunday voting in counties that hadn’t previously offered it.
Sorry, guys. Looks like a couple of big fat "Ls" for you on this one. But don't be sad. We're sure this won't be your last attempt to suppress voters.

3) After nearly thirty years in prison, man convicted of murder is set free.

New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David announced Thursday that his office was dropping charges against Johnny Small, a man convicted decades ago, as a teenager, of murdering a Wilmington store owner.

From WRAL:
A Superior Court judge ruled last month that there wasn't enough evidence to support Johnny Small's conviction for the 1988 murder of tropical fish shop owner Pam Dreher in Wilmington, and he ordered that Small get a new trial.
David said it would be too difficult to retry the case, so he dismissed the case against Small after conferring with Dreher's family.
"My duty is to seek justice, not merely to convict," David said in a statement. "Ultimately, the challenge of retrying a 28-year-old homicide in which there is no physical evidence and where two material witnesses have been discredited by the Court proved to be too great to overcome."
4) Three people are shot in Durham within ten minutes.

Three people were shot Thursday in Durham at two locations within 10 minutes and Durham police believe the shootings are connected.

From WRAL:
Durham police said officers responded to a shooting in the 500 block of North Maple Street at 3:08 p.m. and found a man and woman with gunshot wounds. Both were taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.
Authorities responded to a second shooting in the 2400 block of Harvard Avenue at 3:17 p.m. and found a man who had been shot. He was also taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.
5) Panthers lose Super Bowl rematch.

Cam Newton certainly looked like the reigning NFL MVP in the first half, but the Denver Broncos owned the final two quarters—coming back from a 17-7 halftime deficit to beat the Carolina Panthers 21-20 in the league's season opener.

Perhaps the absence of Cam's signature "dab" had a negative impact on the team's psyche. Either way, we suggest you bring it back, Cam. What? You've forgotten how to do it? Well, allow us to jog your memory:


Dab on, Cam. Dab on.

Alright. That's a wrap. Enjoy Hopscotch and stay safe out there.

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