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The Morning Roundup: Donald Trump Is Pretty Confused, and Bill Clinton’s Coming to Durham


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Hope everyone had a solid Labor Day. Now, let's get back to it.

1) Donald Trump doesn't know, "OK?"

It seems like a pretty fair assessment of Donald Trump's last several months to say that he disagrees with quite a few people. But now, the White House hopeful can add another foe to his list. Himself? That's right.
Remember the super-hyped immigration speech he delivered in Phoenix last week—the one where he said this:
For those here illegally today, who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for reentry like everybody else, under the rules of the new legal immigration system that I have outlined above. Those who have left to seek entry — Thank you. 
Well, apparently, his remarks didn't sit well with, well, Donald Trump. Asked Monday if he would, in fact, rule out a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, Trump gave Trump—and a bunch of befuddled reporters, pundits and citizens—something to chew on. From CNN:
I'm not ruling out anything. We're going to make that decision in the future. OK?
Umm ... sure?

2) Trump is confused about more than his immigration policy. 

Take that, Hillary! Oh, sorry. Take that, "Lyin' Hillary!"

ZING! Well, unless YOU are wrong about what the "C" stands for. But not to worry. National Security attorney Bradley P. Moss has got you covered.

3) Tired of Trump? But he's coming to North Carolina today! Lucky us?

Trump's campaign announced that, when he speaks at the Greenville Convention Center tonight, he will be discussing his immigration policy. Maybe we'll get an answer to the question of whose stance on a pathway to citizenship he supports: Donald Trump's or Donald Trump's.

OK. Enough fun. Let's get local.

4) House Rep. Graig Meyer serves McCrory ... and goes viral

Unmoved by Governor McCrory's claim that teachers are loving life thanks to his "push" for improved teacher pay, Meyer put out a video on Facebook debunking what he—and a TON of Durham teachers, many who say they make so little, they work other jobs—call a myth.

From Facebook:


More than 267,000 views? Let's add to that total, shall we?

Related: Politifact NC says Roy Cooper’s Facebook post claiming that North Carolina had fallen to forty-first in teacher pay, is inaccurate, because the state has actually risen to forty-first, from forty-third when McCrory took over (and forty-seventh after he slashed the education budget). 

5) Enloe High School student dies in pool; autopsy points to electrocution

From WRAL:
The preliminary autopsy for a Raleigh teen found unresponsive in a community pool in Raleigh's Heritage Point neighborhood on Saturday afternoon confirmed her family's theory that she was electrocuted.

Rachel Rosoff, 17, of 2405 Rogerson St., was found in the pool on Valley Forge Road and pulled from the water at about 2:30 p.m., according to authorities.

Rosoff was a student at Enloe High School, and she worked as a lifeguard at the community pool through the Aquatic Management Group.
6) Burr is maybe in trouble. 

A new CBS News Battleground Poll shows Senate hopeful Deborah Ross ahead of incumbent Richard Burr. 


Sure, it might only be a one-point lead at this point, but still, Burr at 40 percent isn’t a good sign for his campaign.

From Politico:

Democrats were bearish on North Carolina at the beginning of the year. But now it’s Republicans who are worrying about the state and Democrat Deborah Ross’ surprising strength in it.

Ross, a former state legislator and ACLU leader, wasn’t her party’s top pick to challenge Burr. But Burr — who has publicly declared he plans to do little campaigning until October — did not try to squash Ross this spring when she had little money or national support. Now they are running neck and neck in polls, fueled by Clinton’s strong push. Even the in-state environment isn’t great for Burr: GOP Gov. Pat McCrory trails in his reelection bid.
7) Expect traffic and road closures in weird places this afternoon, Durham folks. 

If you've never been in the same city as a current, or former, president when he's on the move, you Durham residents will get that experience today—and it's not fun. The Secret Service and local enforcement never disclose the route, but we can tell you that Bill Clinton will be stumping for Hillary today at 4:15 p.m. at the Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park on Halley Street.


If you're not attending the event, you might want to avoid the area. Just sayin'. See you tomorrow.


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