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Rejoice, Raleigh: Harris Teeter to Open in Seaboard Station


Downtown Raleigh dwellers' decade-long wait for a grocery store to open in their general proximity can celebrate today.

The Triangle Business Journal reports that a 55-thousand- square- foot, one-level Harris Teeter is set to open in Seaboard Station!

Billie Redmond, CEO of Trademark Properties, which oversees management and leasing of Seaboard Station, says they are still working through details of the plan but confirms that a written agreement has been signed with Harris Teeter. "We've probably looked at 15 different concepts on how to make this work, but we will be expanding our retail and we want to keep every tenant we have," she said.

Redmond says "several" retail tenants may have to be relocated at Seaboard Station to make way for the grocer, as well as a new parking deck to support the additional traffic anticipated into the center. She would not detail which tenants would need to be moved but stressed that each would be offered a more "visible" opportunity for relocation.

The 92,000-square-foot center off of Peace Street near the Capital Boulevard intersection is currently 100 percent occupied. Seaboard Station is owned by neighboring William Peace University, which acquired the center in 2013 for $20.75 million, a deal that included a $10.75 million investment from the school's endowment fund.

Redmond says the university is working through a new master plan for the center on the north end of downtown that will also include the addition of more multifamily housing options as well as expansion of the retail center. With the Harris Teeter, Redmond expects they'll be able add another 30,000 square feet for smaller shop retail space.
Seaboard's leasing management group Trademark Properties will still need city approval for a site plan, but construction on the store is slated to begin in late 2017. And plans for a Publix at John Kane's proposed development at Peace and West Streets are still on the table too. The new Harris Teeter will have a surface parking lot and "structured parking options," meaning online ordering and pick-up services a la the Cameron Village Harris Teeter, a full-service pharmacy, outdoor seating and food service.

The countdown begins to the day that we'll never have to leave downtown Raleigh again. 

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