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Sixty-Eight Companies, Including Apple and Microsoft, Join Brief Against HB 2


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The Human Rights Campaign is filing an amicus brief from sixty-eight companies in the Department of Justice's lawsuit to stop HB 2 from being enforced. 

First reported by the News & Observer, the companies listed include: American Airlines, Apple, Bloomberg, Capital One, Dow Chemical, General Electric, IBM,  Marriott, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nike, PayPal, and Red Hat.

"For some amici that conduct business in North Carolina, H.B. 2—and the naked, invidious discrimination that it condones—is already damaging their ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and is imposing a substantial disincentive to investment and commerce in the State, directly impacting their bottom line," the brief says.

"Yet H.B. 2’s effects reach 
far beyond North Carolina’s boundaries: By compelling transgender persons in North Carolina to deny their gender identity when using public facilities, H.B. 2 stigmatizes them and conveys a clear message—with the full force of State law—that they are second-class citizens whose gender identity is underserving of solicitude or respect," the brief continues. "This inescapably tends to legitimize discrimination against transgender persons generally. And that deeply undermines proposed amici’s anti-discrimination policies and their efforts to create inclusive and welcoming organizations."

From the N&O:

Former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson authored the brief on behalf of Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT advocacy group that is leading opposition to the law. The brief will be filed in the lawsuit currently pending between state leaders and the U.S. Department of Justice, which is trying to strike down the law as discriminatory.

“That so many in the business community are willing to stand up in opposition to HB2 underscores the immeasurable and irreparable harm the law is doing to the transgender community and to North Carolina’s economy,” Olson said in a news release.

"Red Hat spoke out early against HB2, and our friend-of-the-court brief supports the position that the law is discriminatory and stigmatizes transgender persons," the Raleigh-based software company Red Hat said in a statement. " A rich pool of diverse voices that represents different perspectives, interests, and questions is critical to our business and our communities."

Read the brief in its entirety by clicking on the PDF below. 

See related PDF As-Filed_-_Unopposed_Motion_for_Leave_and_Proposed_Amicus_Cu.pdf

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