N.C. Republican Delegates Would Pay a Price, Literally, to Dump Trump | News

N.C. Republican Delegates Would Pay a Price, Literally, to Dump Trump


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So it seems a bunch of Republican Never-Trumpers — like, a thousand — got on a conference call Sunday night to plan a strategy for untethering themselves, as delegates, from ol' Fuckface Von Clownstick.

From ABC News:

Organizers say more than 1,000 people, including GOP delegates, alternates and other supporters, dialed in for a conference call on Sunday night to hammer out details for a last-ditch, sweeping rules change that would unbind delegates at the Republican National Convention and deny Donald Trump the presidential nomination.

This was the group's second conference call in four days, following a Thursday night call with about three dozen delegates. This effort is spearheaded by two Colorado delegates.

You can't blame them. He's an embarrassment on the world stage. He's a down-ticket drag. Surely, at least one of a thousand callers uttered the phrase "he sucks!" on Sunday night.

But here's the thing: Conference callers complained that Republican Party leaders in various states are wagging the no-no finger in their faces if they try to bail on Donald. In North Carolina, the consequences for stepping out of line could mean getting one's little Trumpsteaks grilled to a temperature of ten thousand.

From NBC News: 

A North Carolina delegate said the delegates in her state "are very much under direct threat from our state with a $10,000 fine," adding that she had been "threatened" by the state GOP "vice-president" over Facebook and asked about the possibility of a legal fund being established to defend them.

"I think that that's definitely going to affect very many people who are not going to be willing to step up in front of the committeemen" and contest votes for Trump at the convention, she said.

Wow. Ain't that a bitch?

More from ABC:

Republican Party chairmen in North Carolina and Arizona confirmed to NBC News that their parties do, in fact, have rules barring delegates from voting for any candidate other than the one to whom they're bound.

Former North Carolina GOP Chairman Claude Pope couldn't remember when the rule was passed, while Arizona GOP Chairman Robert Graham — who appeared at a rally with Trump this week in his state — noted that the rule was in place for the last few convention delegations.
Ahhh ... that upcoming July convention ... can't ... wait...


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