Margaret Spellings Installs AEI Conservative as UNC Senior Vice President | News

Margaret Spellings Installs AEI Conservative as UNC Senior Vice President


Andrew Kelly starts in August.
  • Andrew Kelly starts in August.
So it begins: Yesterday, new UNC president Margaret Spellings announced the appointment of Andrew Kelly to a newly created position called "senior vice president for strategy and policy." The school will pay him $245,000 a year. 

A UNC release notes that Kelly was a research assistant at the American Enterprise Institute from 2002-2005, and returned to AEI in 2009 as a research fellow in education policy studies. He is also the founder and director of AEI's Center on Higher Education Reform.  

The American Enterprise Institute: Why does that ring a bell? Oh, right: It's a big, conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., that generated many of the thoughts that became the failed policies of George W. Bush

What does Kelly think about higher education? He doesn't think it should be free, that is for sure

Actually, if you want to know the full scope of what Kelly thinks about higher education, you can read this paper he wrote for the Conservative Reform Network, which, in introducing Kelly, states: "It is our belief that the demonstrable failure of the liberal welfare state provides an opportunity to advance conservative reforms, firmly rooted in our constitutional order, that advance the aspirations of all Americans."

Among other things, Kelly doesn't like PAYE, the income-based repayment system for student loans. He thinks more "conservatives should pursue reforms that expand career and technical options." And here he is talking about how cutting state funding in exchange for more autonomy can be a good thing for a public university. Kelly was commenting on Gov. Scott Walker proposing a $300 million cut to the University of Wisconsin system back in January 2015. It ended up being $250 million. It doesn't look like things are going so hot up there so far. 

Kelly starts August 15. 

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