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Equality NC Withdrew Name From HB 2 Lawsuit in April


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When the ACLU filed an amended complaint to its HB 2 case on April 21, which added three new plaintiffs to the case - Hunter Schaefer, a seventeen year-old girl from Winston-Salem, and Beverly Newell and Kelly Trent, a married lesbian couple living in Charlotte - one plaintiff that was on the original complaint was missing: Equality North Carolina, the LGBTQ rights organization that, along with the ACLU, spearheaded the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit filed on March 28 named Joaquín Carcaño, Payton Grey McGarry, Angela Gilmore, the ACLU of North Carolina and Equality NC in the lawsuit. All of the plaintiffs besides Equality NC are on the amended complaint. The defendants are Governor Pat McCrory, Attorney General Ray Cooper (who has said he won't defend the lawsuit), and the University of North Carolina. 

The move seems to be more of a strategic one, as Equality NC has traditionally been a political advocacy organization. "Equality NC is directing additional resources to TurnOUT NC and other public education campaigns," the organization told the INDY in a statement. "Equality NC will continue to support this litigation, which ACLU and Lambda Legal will continue to manage."
Between the two filings, Equality NC executive director Chris Sgro was chosen to serve the remainder of the late Rep. Ralph C. Johnson's term in the state House of Representatives. There is nothing legally preventing Sgro's organization from being apart of the lawsuit while he's a member of the legislature.

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