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Report: White House Won't Defund North Carolina During HB 2 Lawsuit


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In these bewildering times of HB 2 fallout, we live for morsels of good news like this one: the White House says it won't strip North Carolina of federal funding for education and other programs while the state battles it out with the U.S. justice department over what we're now all calling "the bathroom law."

Here's a report from The Hill that says as much:

Cabinet agencies have been conducting a review to determine whether the state’s recent legislation on LGBT rights makes it ineligible to receive education, transportation and other funding under federal law.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the money would keep flowing while the Department of Justice pursues a civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina.

“What has been concluded as a result of that effort is that the administration will not take action to withhold funding while this enforcement action is playing out in the courts," Earnest said.

He said the decision was made separate from the Justice Department’s choice to pursue its legal challenge, which says the law violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The North Carolina law is the latest flashpoint in the debate over gay and transgender rights during President Obama’s time in office.
Thanks, Obama. But no really, thanks. Like, a lot.


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