The Ongoing Chronicles of Kay Daly: Kay Daly No Longer Running Against Renee Ellmers, Still Bashing Renee Ellmers | News

The Ongoing Chronicles of Kay Daly: Kay Daly No Longer Running Against Renee Ellmers, Still Bashing Renee Ellmers


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It’s been a while since we posted an update on our favorite would-be North Carolina congressman, Kay Daly. What’s Kay Daly been up to??!

You’ll recall that Kay Daly was one of five-to-seven Republican challengers for Congresswoman Renee Ellmers’ seat in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

Then a, uh, “redistricting musical chairs” happened, and Kay Daly is no longer in the 2nd district. So what did Kay Daly do?

Kay Daly was one of seventeen Republicans to file to run for Congress in North Carolina’s newly created 13th Congressional District. Of course she was!

But you don’t have to take it from us. Here’s Kay Daly in her own words, fresh off her defeat of the “wicked witch of the Carolinas,” Renee Ellmers, who was "absurdly liberal" in "the Congress" and is now “dead.”

With your financial support and your prayers to sustain me, I worked tirelessly to expose the absurdly liberal record Renee Ellmers built in the Congress, and the state legislature heard my pleas. It stuck the friendless Ellmers in a new district that she cannot possibly win — a district that is the home base for a much more conservative incumbent Congressman who is far more respected, and independently wealthy.

Bottom line? Renee Ellmers has taken the oath of office for the last time. Congratulations to conservatives everywhere! Taxpayers are safer, unborn babies are safer, and illegal aliens just lost their best friend. The last Southern White RINO has been driven to extinction — thanks largely to you and me, and the outstanding campaign we ran — a campaign that said loudly and clearly to the state legislature and everyone else, "This is what a RINO looks like."

But what does that mean for me? A very large part of me was hoping it meant some much needed rest, and a return to full-time motherhood. I did what I had set out to do. I killed off the most liberal Republican in the Carolinas. I never aspired to be a politician. I ran because this feminist Congressman was constantly piling debt on my children to give benefits to illegal aliens and to countries that hate us and wouldn’t defend the Second Amendment and was on the wrong side of the culture war.

But a strange thing happened. You began to reach out to me in numbers that humbled and shocked me, and your message was the same: "Kay, your new congressional district has NO INCUMBENT. You are the CPAC Ronald Reagan Award Winner, and your campaign to take out Ellmers was a model for every Republican in the country who wants to stand up to a corrupt and gutless Republican leadership and return our party to the conservatives who are its heart and soul. WE WANT YOU TO RUN."

My friends, I have heard your message. Though my legs are weary, my heart is not, and I have filed to become the Republican nominee for Congress in North Carolina's newly created 13th District. Will you help me win it?

That’s right, the “last Southern White RINO has been driven to extinction.”

Kay Daly's legs were weary after vanquishing Renee Ellmers, but the heart of Kay Daly, GODDAMN CPAC RONALD REAGAN AWARD WINNER KAY DALY will soldier on.

And Kay Daly needs you, friends in the 13th district, to contribute money to her campaign. After all, the odds are ever in Kay Daly’s favor, because Kay Daly could win this thing with as little as 15 percent of the vote. Here's Kay Daly on how she'll distinguish herself from the crowd.

The election is in June, and it will be a wild one. This race will be the only Republican primary on the ballot, so turnout will be very low. Seventeen Republicans have filed, and there will be NO RUNOFF. The candidate with the highest vote total will be the GOP nominee in a district drawn such that no Democrat can win.

That is not as intimidating as it seems. It means that a candidate like me — a committed conservative who motivates the most passionate wing of our party — can win this race by turning out her committed supporters and garnering perhaps as little as 15% of the vote!

“Crazy races like this one (mandated by an activist federal court) may not be the best way to run a democracy. But they often ARE the best opportunities we true conservatives have to keep our seats out of the hands of the gutless career politicians like Ellmers, who cut deals with the Democrats and surrender to Obama before the fight even begins. Can I count on your generous support?

Distinguishing myself in this crowded field won't be difficult. I'm the only candidate in this race who publicly opposed Boehner, McCarthy, and Ryan for the Speakership. I’m the only one who has national endorsements from both social conservative heavyweights like Dr. James Dobson & Dr. Alan Keyes and fiscal conservative hawks like Tea Party Nation & Tea Party Forward. I’m the only one who worked closely with Heritage Action for America, The Club for Growth, and other Conservative Action Project members to pressure GOP Congressmen to vote against the debt ceiling hikes and spending bills that funded Obama’s agenda.

I’m the only one who joined the Military Culture Coalition’s fifty retired Generals to pressure John McCain to oppose Obama’s plan to draft women into combat. I'm the only one who's addressed a Second Amendment Sisters rally with Ted Nugent's wife. I’m the only one who took the Marriage Solidarity Pledge alongside Rev. Franklin Graham. I guarantee you I was the only candidate who went to John Boehner's office to protest his refusal to bring the Pain-Capable Child Protection bill up for a vote.”

No women in the military!! Guaranteed zero abortions!!!!

Kay Daly addressed a Second Amendment Sisters rally with Ted Nugen’ts wife. TED. NUGENT’S. WIFE. Has anyone else done that??? Kay Daly took the Marriage Solidarity Pledge alongside Rev. Franklin Graham.  REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM, Y'ALL.

But Kay Daly still needs your help. Can you give Kay Daly $1,000? Even $250 will do. It will be the best $1,000 or $250 you ever spent because, once again, Kay Daly, can win this thing with only 5,000 votes.

No runoff.

Knock ‘em dead, Kay Daly.


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