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The Morning Roundup: Pat McCrory Proves Irony Awareness is for Liberal Wimps


Good Tuesday morning to y'all.

In international news, an EgyptAir plane was hijacked en route from Alexandria to the capital of Cairo overnight. Most people on board were released, and the motive appears to be "personal." 

Anyway, state  news is still where it's at, if you wanna talk crazy-crazy-crazy. Let's start with the guv'nah.

1. Pat McCrory is irony-impaired as hell. Seriously. After signing the hateful HB2 legislation that was rushed through the General Assembly Wednesday by Republican homophobes as an election-year stunt, the governor now has the brassers to describe opposition to the law as "political theater."

No, dear reader, this doesn't come from The Onion. It comes from NBC News:

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday dismissed criticism of a controversial new law curbing LGBT anti-discrimination protections as "political theater" that he says is concocted by left-wing activists, accusing them of a "calculated smear campaign" that included threatening local businesses to oppose the measure.

In an interview with NBC News, McCrory, a Republican who is running for re-election, said he would not heed calls to repeal the law, which blocks the city of Charlotte — and any other local government — from allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that match the gender they identify with.

He cast himself as a voice of reason, standing against an assault on "the norms and etiquette" that have existed for generations. And he said the law doesn't discriminate against anyone.

"This political correctness has gone amok," he said.

Here's video, for those with an exceptionally strong digestive system.

Meanwhile Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia shows Patsy what real-deal leadership looks like:

From Slate:

On Monday morning, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he will veto HB757, an explicitly anti-gay “religious liberty” bill vehemently opposed by Georgia’s business community. The measure would have allowed taxpayer-funded government agencies—including adoption agencies, homeless shelters, and drug counseling centers—to refuse service to gay individuals and same-sex couples. It also contained provisions undermining local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances, allowing hospitals to refuse treatment to LGBT people, and legalizing anti-LGBT employment discrimination.

We think that calls for some Brother Ray.

Hey! Did ya know:

2. North Carolina is the new Cuba. No, we don't have a ninety-seven percent literacy rate. Maybe we're more like North Korea. Anyway, heads of state are now shunning us as a travel destination! Thanks, for the hate legislation, Republican lawmakers!

As previously reported here, San Francisco and Seattle and New York led the way in banning city employees from traveling to N.C. on the public dime after HB2 was rammed through the NCGA (crude sexual imagery intended). 

Now, others have gotten into the act. There's West Palm Beach, as reported by WPTV :

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio has become the first mayor in Florida to place a travel ban on city-funded trips to North Carolina. 

... For more than two decades, West Palm Beach has been in the forefront, protecting the civil rights and ensuring equality for the LGBT community," said Muoio. "Until North Carolina's  discriminatory law is amended or repealed, West Palm Beach taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT people," said Muoio.

And Boston, as reported by the Boston Globe:

City of Boston workers may soon be banned from taxpayer-funded travel to North Carolina in response to that state’s passage of a law preventing transgender individuals from using public bathrooms that do not match their biological gender.

City Councilor Josh Zakim filed a measure Monday seeking the travel ban, and the City Council is expected to take up the matter at its weekly meeting Wednesday. The prohibition would be effective immediately after passage.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he will sign the measure if the council approves it.

“In Boston, we believe that all individuals should be treated equally, and I applaud Councilor Zakim for standing up against discrimination,’’ the mayor said in a statement.

Surely, there are more to come. Maybe we'll need to change NC's motto on the license plate to "First in Departing Flights."

3. A South Dakota Republican lawmaker thinks HB2 is just fuckin' wonderful.  It's depressingly predictable, ain't it, folks? Bigot monkey sees, bigot monkey tries to do.

Let the Argus Leader explain it to ya:

A South Dakota lawmaker said a days-old North Carolina transgender bathroom law could be a model for the South Dakota legislature to consider next year.

"The North Carolina bill is worthwhile to look at," Rep. Fred Deutsch, R-Florence, said. "Our objective is to protect student privacy."

Deutsch made the comments hours after transgender residents and civil liberties groups sued over North Carolina's law in federal court Monday. Since North Carolina's governor signed the bill last week, the state has seen protests and threats of boycott.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill by Deustch this month that would have barred transgender students from using school bathrooms that don't match their biological sex at birth.  The governor said the bill would bring legal conflicts and was better handled at the local level.

Alas, another governor with a lick of sense. Makes us feel all wistful. Sigh.

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