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Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown Releases Report of Akiel Denkins Shooting



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Raleigh police chief Cassandra Deck-Brown released a preliminary report Thursday afternoon that contains information regarding Monday's officer-involved shooting that killed 24-year-old southeast Raleigh resident Akiel Denkins. 

According to the report, RPD Senior Officer D.C. Twiddy spotted Denkins on Bragg Street around noon on Monday. Denkins ran and Twiddy pursued him. Twiddy slipped on some gravel and fell, while observing Denkins hopping over a fence. Twiddy got up and followed Denkins to South East Street, where he saw Denkins trying to climb over another fence. 

At this point, according to the report, Denkins turned around to face Twiddy. Twiddy grabbed Denkins and was trying to arrest him when he both "felt" and "observed" Denkins reaching for an object in the waistband of his pants. Twiddy saw it was a handgun. Twiddy drew his own gun and fired off shots, while Denkins was continuing to wave his gun in Twiddy's direction, and then reached for Twiddy's weapon.

Then, Twiddy stepped back and shot Denkins, "fearing that Mr. Denkins was either going to shoot him or attempt to take his duty weapon."

The report was released shortly after Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman released the results of an autopsy that was performed on Denkins' body. Denkins sustained gunshot wounds to the chest, injuring his heart and lungs. He was also hit in the shoulder, and in both arms, though it's not clear from which direction the bullets entered his body.

Denkins' body was released to his family yesterday and a funeral service is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. at the Bible Way Temple on Holmes Street. Denkins' family has not yet indicated whether it will have a separate autopsy performed.

The SBI will complete its own investigation to be submitted directly to the Wake County District Attorney and RPD's Internal Affairs Unit will also conduct an investigation to determine whether departmental polices were followed. 

Below is the report outlining the officer-involved shooting. Check back with the blog for updates to this story. 

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