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In Durham, the State of the City Is Montell Jordan


Prior to last night's Durham City Council meeting, Mayor Bill Bell gave his annual State of the City address. He approached it a bit differently this year, sitting in conversation with former GlaxoSmithKline executive (and Durham resident) Bill Shore to discuss issues of rising crime, affordable housing, and transit. 

Also different: the 2015 year-in-review video that played prior to Bell's talk. Set to an extended remix of the 1995 Montell Jordan anthem "This Is How We Do It," the four-minute celebration ticked off the city's accomplishments in the past year. Some of these distinctions come from outlets of questionable merit. Something called has dubbed Durham a "top place in the world to visit in 2016," and something called Wallethub has rated Durham the nineteenth-most recession-recovered city in America. OK. Other stats are more compelling: DPAC breaking attendance and events records, and the jobs created by new hotels in downtown Durham. 

If you want to know the rest, you will have to watch the video, my friend. It has a charming, Tim and Eric-like public-access aesthetic, and you can view it below. 
What were you doing last night, watching the Grammys? Pssh

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