The Morning Roundup: Ted Cruz hates Trump, Tim Moore hates teachers, the economy hates us all | News

The Morning Roundup: Ted Cruz hates Trump, Tim Moore hates teachers, the economy hates us all


Happy Friday! So who won last night’s Republican debate? The guy who didn’t show? Or maybe one of the losers on the undercard? Or maybe moderator Megyn Kelly, who really rode this “Donald is afraid of me” thing for all it was worth? Or was it, you know, Hillary Clinton, who looks better and better the longer the Republicans’ once-vaunted “deep bench” is out on display. 

Or did Trump’s absence merely show that, minus his pomposity and bellicosity, this collection of vacuous “thinkers” and wannabe populists is not only terrifying, but also boring? 


Here’s some video of Ted Cruz imitating Donald Trump: 

Ha! #jokes

Here’s another “highlight”: Jeb Bush professing his (tongue-in-cheek, I guess) love for The Donald. 

OK, enough of that. Congratulations, President Clinton. Let’s get to the Roundup. 

1. Expect delays, Durham. Earlier this month, we told you that, despite a seemingly interminable failure to launch, the folks behind the city-incentivized One City Center in downtown Durham—literally catercorner to INDY HQ—were promising they’d soon have their financing ducks in a row, and that hole in the ground wouldn’t be a hole in the ground forever. Due to be completed at least a year behind schedule, One City Center projected having its ground-floor retail in place by the end of 2017 and its fancy-pants residential units by the end of 2018. Yesterday, the N&O reported that the project finally has a start date, February 15, and a new projected opening date, May 2018. Oh, and construction is going to completely screw downtown traffic: Corcoran will become a one-way south, and Parrish will become a one-way west, Per N&O correspondent (and former INDY editor) Lisa Sorg: 

“I’m not sure we thought this day would happen,” said Greg Hills, president of Austin Lawrence Partners, at a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night. “The dirt hole that’s been there, I apologize if it inconvenienced or bothered anybody.”

2. Remember this the next time NC Republicans say they support public-school teachers

House Speaker Tim Moore said Thursday that he’d like to give teachers raises this year, but he rejected a proposal for a 10 percent increase, calling it unrealistic.

Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson suggested the 10 percent base pay increase Wednesday at a meeting of a House select committee. A 10 percent raise for all public school teachers would cost about $540 million.

Moore visited the same committee Thursday morning to say increases near the 2 percent the House proposed in its budget last year are more likely to be considered. And raises must be negotiated with the state Senate, he added.

“We’ve got to be responsible with the numbers that we talk about with employee pay raises,” he said.

Sorry, teachers. We know you’re paid lower than your peers just about everywhere else. But Art Pope needs a tax cut.  

3. Uh-oh. 

The U.S. economy likely slowed significantly in the final three months of 2015 — and the picture seems to have grown gloomier in the first few weeks of 2016.

Sinking oil and stock prices and weakness in China and other emerging markets have raised worries about their impact on the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserve noted that concern this week with a cautious assessment of the economy.

On Friday, the government is expected to estimate that the U.S. economy grew at a minuscule 0.9 percent annual rate in the October-December quarter, according to economists surveyed by data firm FactSet. It would be less than half the growth rate of the previous quarter.

This, even though the economy added lots of jobs in December, something that they probably won’t do a lot of if the economy retracts in 2016, which means … 

Hello, President Trump. 

(Thinking of moving to Canada? Here you go.)

4. As much as last weekend sucked, this one won’t

A dry cold front will move through central and eastern North Carolina on the final day of the work week, setting up a sun-filled weekend that will include high temperatures at or above normal. […] Clear skies will allow temperatures to fall into the upper 20s early Saturday morning. Highs on the first day of the weekend will again be in the low to mid-50s, about normal for late January. On Sunday, thought, highs will climb into the mid-60s under sunny skies.



That’s all for now. Go forth and prosper. 

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