The Ongoing Chronicles of Kay Daly: A would-be congressman, who is a woman | News

The Ongoing Chronicles of Kay Daly: A would-be congressman, who is a woman



In today’s installment of questionable things said by Kay Daly, per her campaign Facebook page:

“If elected, I will be one of only two females in Congress who refers to herself as CongressMAN.”

Kay Daly links to a story about the U.S. Navy changing its lexicon to be more gender-inclusive, since, according to the article, “women are doing nearly every job in the military,” just like women are doing nearly every other job that exists in the world as well.

Kay Daly hates political correctness and she hates women doing things, and she promises that if she is elected to North Carolina's Second Congressional District, women will have fewer rights.

The article looks at a random sampling of the 84 U.S. House members who identify as women, and says that only one—U.S. Rep. Diane Black, R-Tennessee—refers to herself as “congressman.” Here’s Kay Daly, jumping on the opportunity to bash congresswoman Renee Ellmers for being politically correct—or actually just correctly referring to herself as a woman who is a member of Congress:

Note to the liberal media: I don't do political correctness and won't be participating in any interview for a story that has a gender-bean-counter angle. E.g., “What does it feel like to be the only woman in the room when the 40 conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus meet?” Maggie Thatcher shunned the “first woman Prime Minister” stories that were ubiquitous in the late 70s and early 80s. If Lady Thatcher were still alive, self-avowed feminist Renee Ellmers would be one of the radicals Thatcher dubbed “women's libbers.”

The INDY supports Kay Daly’s freedom to express her gender identity in any way she chooses.

You do you, Kay Daly.

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