Man tasered by Durham police at Harris Teeter no longer faces trespassing charges | News

Man tasered by Durham police at Harris Teeter no longer faces trespassing charges


Trespassing charges were dropped Wednesday against 24-year-old Deonte Holder, who was tasered by Durham police on Sept. 9 after he refused to leave the Ninth Street Harris Teeter for unspecified reasons.

According to Bull City Rising, the charges were dismissed after witnesses—employees at the Harris Teeter—failed to show up in court.

The arrest story went viral after Durham resident Adrienne Harreveld posted cell phone video of Holder (mistakenly identified as "Deonte Harris" in the BCR blog post, as well as in this TWC News story from September) prone on the floor of the supermarket as cops hovered over him.

Holder was with a group of young black men who had been told to leave. He was already restrained when he was tasered. Harreveld said she was ordered by an HT employee to stop recording the interaction with police, but the 19 seconds she posted were enough to inspire public outrage, after the story was picked up by the local Clarion Content blog and then by the INDY

As the INDY reported in September: 

Harreveld says she knew something was wrong when she walked into the grocery store. It was about 5 p.m., and a police officer was handcuffing an unidentified black teenager at the store's entrance.

"Why are you arresting me?" the teenager asked repeatedly. Harreveld says that when she began to film the arrest, the officer grumbled at her, "Fine then," and let him go.

Inside the store, Harreveld saw police talking to Holder. When she turned around, she heard the Taser go off.

"There was no struggle," she says. "If there was a struggle, I would have heard it."

Even though there was no report of theft, Harreveld says police searched Holder and found nothing. After deliberating over whether Holder should be taken to the hospital, the cops called the paramedics.

Harreveld posted a short video of the aftermath on Twitter. In the scene, a Harris Teeter employee can be seen in the frame just before she is ordered to stop filming.

Before she left, Harreveld complained to Officer Culver about what she'd witnessed. "He didn't steal anything," she told him.

Culver's response, according to Harreveld: "I don't care if he didn't steal anything. He was trespassing, so he's going to jail."

Here's Harreveld's Twitter video:
Holder's attorney, Scott Holmes, told BCR that his client was considering a civil suit against the DPD. 

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