US Sen. Richard Burr endorses Eddie Woodhouse in Raleigh City Council election | News

US Sen. Richard Burr endorses Eddie Woodhouse in Raleigh City Council election


District A candidate Eddie Woodhouse
  • District A candidate Eddie Woodhouse
US Sen. Richard Burr
  • US Sen. Richard Burr

Well, thank goodness.

Voters in Raleigh’s District A can rest easy now that US Sen. Richard Burr (you know, the one from North Carolina that’s not Thom Tillis) has endorsed in the upcoming runoff election for City Council. Burr is not from Raleigh, nor does he live in Raleigh, but he thinks Eddie Woodhouse is the best candidate for the City Council gig; could it be because Woodhouse is a Republican just like Burr? No, this election is non-partisan.

“Eddie has a long career in public service,” Burr says. “He is dedicated to using his experience to help make Raleigh a great place to live for everyone. As a member of the Raleigh City Council, Eddie will be a strong voice for responsible and accountable government. He will carefully guard the taxpayer's dollars and will serve the citizens of Raleigh well."

Ah yes, guarding the taxpayers’ dollars, just like Burr guarded his own dollars when the national economy was on the brink of collapse and he got his wife to take out as much cash as possible from ATM machines. And then told people about it. Leadership!

And Woodhouse is happy to give props right back to the two-term Senator who is, incidentally, up for reelection in 2016:

“Like Senator Burr is doing at the federal level, I will stand against the outrageous debt our city has incurred,” Woodhouse said. “We share that concern and I will fight to bring some common sense, ficsal (sic) conservatism to the Raleigh City Council.”

And then there’s this:

“Burr's endorsement is another in a long list of elected officials who are supporting Woodhouse, including Sheriff Donnie Harrison, Congressman George Holding, NC Senators Alexander & Barefoot, NC Reps Avila, Malone, and Stam along with former Raleigh Mayor Paul Coble.”

Glowing endorsements, all. So now that we all know who Richard Burr is and who he would vote for on Nov. 3 if he lived in Raleigh’s District A, we can either breathe a collective sigh of relief, or continue to wait with bated breath for Tillis to weigh in. 

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