Koch-affiliated group sending out mailers targeting Raleigh City Council | News

Koch-affiliated group sending out mailers targeting Raleigh City Council


Preserving the right to eat pizza outside is an important, emotional issue for young people these days, and an out-of-state group is trying to capitalize on this common practice—nay, American pastime—to influence the outcome of the Raleigh City Council elections this fall.

You may have been lucky enough to receive one of these mailers yesterday:



But let’s consider the source.

Here is a statement from Alex Johnson, North Carolina’s state director of Generation Opportunity. 

"Generation Opportunity is a grassroots organization committed to increasing opportunities for young Americans through a free society. We recently played an integral role in the Raleigh city council’s decision to allow food trucks in mixed use zones, and continue to look for opportunities to keep Raleigh vibrant. Generation Opportunity is not endorsing any candidates, rather working to ensure that the voices of 18-34 year olds in North Carolina are heard.

Background: Generation Opportunity is a grassroots organization that receives support from Freedom Partners.”

Freedom Partners is a non-profit based in Arlington, Va. that is partially funded by Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers from Kansas who bankroll a network of politically active organizations which don’t reveal their donors.

Generation Opportunity received $5.04 million from Freedom Partners in 2014. In North Carolina, nearly $1 million of that was used to run ads against US Sen. Kay Hagan, who lost her bid for re-election to current Sen. Thom Tillis last fall.

It’s not clear who paid for the pizza mailer that went out this week. Both the Wake and North Carolina Board of Elections campaign finance offices reported that they do not have fundraising committees registered under “Generation Opportunity.”

Alex Johnson has not yet responded to an email from the INDY inquiring about funding for the mailer.

As always, the INDY will update as more information becomes available.

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