Poll: Nobody likes legislative lightning rod Trudy Wade, not even in her ruby-red Senate district | News

Poll: Nobody likes legislative lightning rod Trudy Wade, not even in her ruby-red Senate district


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Throughout this legislative session, State Sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, has been on the frontline of some of the GOP majority’s most controversial causes, especially redistricting the Greensboro City Council, which had way too many Democrats for their liking (a court has put that law on hold), and trying to prevent the state from complying with the EPA’s new carbon-emissions reductions

From a profile the N&O did on her last month:

Wade’s political career has seen a transformation not only from Republican to Democrat and back to Republican, but from a local politician with limited pull to a statewide figure with considerable sway over the politics of her hometown. Critics say she’s anything but a consensus-builder these days, but Wade says it is the media that has changed, not the way she approaches issues.

“I think I’m still a consensus-builder,” she said in an interview last week. “I think the media has changed over the years. In my opinion, they tend to try to draw a line down the middle and lump (people) on one side or the other.”

Ah, yes, the media. That old chestnut. 

Maybe it’s the media’s fault, then, that even in her own district, drawn to ensure a Republican will always be elected, Trudy Wade is way, way underwater, according to a survey from the liberal-leaning but nonetheless reliable Public Policy Polling. 

The poll found that, even though 52 percent of voters in the district lean Republican, and even though 54 percent of them voted for Mitt Romney, only 30 percent thought Wade was doing a good job. Fifty-four percent thought she wasn’t. 

And then PPP asked about the Greensboro redistricting, which 53 percent of respondents opposed. Nearly two-thirds, meanwhile, said Wade’s advocacy on that issue would make them less likely to vote for her. 

After learning of Wade’s shenanigans with the Greensboro City Council, only 35 percent said they would vote for her, and 48 percent said they would vote for her Democratic challenger. 

Guess the War on Cities isn’t a political winner after all. 

That’s not to say Wade won’t win in 2016. Democrats didn’t even muster a challenge to her in 2014 or 2012, and the way this district is configured, whoever emerges from the GOP primary, if there is one, is probably a lock. But this poll suggests that Wade could be vulnerable to a challenge from her right flank. 

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