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UNC will rename Saunders Hall



  • UNC-Chapel HIll

As expected, UNC-Chapel Hill announced Thursday morning that the university would rename controversial Saunders Hall, a 1922 building named after a former KKK leader in North Carolina.

Members of the school's board of trustees voted to change the building's name to Carolina Hall, the university said, also enacting a 16-year freeze on the renaming of historic buildings. The university's Twitter account said that the freeze would allow time for "education" and "curation" efforts.

The school's former history building was named for William Lawrence Saunders, a UNC graduate who fought in the Civil War and went on to serve as North Carolina's secretary of state. Saunders was also a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina.

For decades, critics have unsuccessfully lobbied the university to change the building's name.

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