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Gov. Pat McCrory's State of the State address, in a word cloud



This is a word cloud of Gov. Pat McCrory's 1-hour and 23-minute State of the State address. In it, he mentioned the word "jobs" 18 times. (McCrory came out of the gate with multiple uses of the word "resilience," leading us to briefly change the rules of our drinking game. Then "jobs" made a revival.)

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Money quotes: "Teaching is hard." "We want to make North Carolina a teaching destination." 
What's harder than teaching? Convincing teachers to come to a state that ranks 48th in pay. McCrory says he wants pay increases for teachers, but he'll need cooperation from the Legislature.

"We have the best of both Mayberry and metropolis." Hmmm.... Mayberry, the lily-white imaginary town, and Metropolis, the dystopia in the 1927 movie that explored the division between the privileged and the oppressed.

Strange diversions: While Republicans have long advocated for smaller government, McCrory rolled out his plan to expand it. He wants to create a cabinet-level position for information technology. (A side note: Cabinet-level positions, such as Agriculture Commissioner, are part of the Council of State. And it's the Council of State that approves the death penalty protocol. So, if you know JavaScript, you too, could decide which  drugs should be used to kill inmates.)

From education and transportation, we moved to his concerns over the fountains in front of the Capitol, which were broken and filled with trash and dirty water, he says, for five years. This was emblematic of the decay of state properties, which include broken elevators. Paging Labor Secretary Cherie Berry!

A $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion bond Project Phoenix, McCrory said, will renovate these buildings: "These renovations will boost employee morale." Yes, well, nothing boosts morale like receiving an email from your boss at 8:25 p.m. warning you of "impending changes." That's what happened to Veterans Affairs employees right after the State of the State.

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