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The Red Menace: Civitas Unveils "Vast Left-Wing Activist Network"


Wait, is this the Onion? No just a press release by the Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank brought to you by the Pope Foundation empire. Civitas dropped a bombshell today, announcing that it has launched a new website Mapping the Left, which will for the "first time, expose the full extent of a vast, shadowy network of left-wing activist groups."  [Emphasis mine.]

Cue the soundtrack from Psycho! The AARP is part of the left-wing network? Do you mean my grandmother could be a Commie?

Yes, the left is so shadowy, it's like film noir on steroids. It's hard to find MDC and the Center for Responsible Lending, which have shrouded themselves with storefront offices emblazoned with their logos, surreptitiously located on Main Street in Durham. Oh, Binkley Baptist Church, so clever you are, hidden near University Mall in Chapel Hill. The American Postal Workers Union, disguised as postal clerks letter carriers. Wait—they are postal clerks letter carriers.

If you peruse the site, which from a technical and user interaction perspective, is nearly impenetrable, you'll find the usual targets: groups advocating for a more equitable, just and nonviolent society. What the Coalition Against Sexual Assault is doing on here, I don''t know. Is opposing rape a liberal issue?

“For too long, radical and well-funded activist groups have been able to operate in the state without the level of scrutiny that is routinely applied to the Right,” said Civitas Elections Policy Analyst Susan Myrick in the press release. “The Mapping the Left project not only provides that scrutiny, but also puts to rest the misguided notion that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy in North Carolina. In fact, it is the Left, through its complex web of funding and coordination, that is exerting massive power and influence throughout the state.”

The Civitas Institute promises to add "new revelations" to the site throughout the spring to let people know about the "alarming amount of power" the left has in the "media, state politics, and government." Yes, the left has so much power that conservatives have gained control of the legislature, the governor's office and the N.C. Supreme Court, as well as many state agencies—Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, Department of Environment and Natural Sciences.

In the spirit of transparency, here is a flowchart the INDY published in 2011 showing the reach of Art Pope. It's definitely time to update it, because his influence has never been greater.

And remember in 2013 when Civitas published personal (though public) information about Moral Monday protesters who had been arrested? Here is our post showing who's who at Civitas—before the contact page was scrubbed. By the way, a year and a half later, that page remains scrubbed, with only Francis X. De Luca listed.

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