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John Rhodes: Now the guy with 32 U.S. Senate votes


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Official write-in candidate for U.S. Senate John Rhodes increased his vote tally by 23 since last Thursday. That's when the INDY reported that the former state representative from Mecklenburg County,  who ran as a "constitutional conservative" to the right of eventual winner Thom Tillis, had garnered just nine votes, none of them apparently cast by Rhodes himself.

On Friday, we called the N.C. Board of Elections to ask if the figures were correct—we've heard nothing yet—but updated numbers released today show that Rhodes, named among Americans for Prosperity's top legislators of the year in 2005, picked up 21 votes in Davidson County and another two in Alexander. Combine those with the nine in Brunswick that were recorded last week, and that comes to 32. But there still must be a tabulation problems in that no Rhodes votes were logged in Mecklenburg County, where he lives with his wife, who presumably also voted for him. 


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