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Pittsboro residents sue over Chatham Park


Chatham Park is happening. But not without a fight.

On Wednesday, citizens group Pittsboro Matters and local residents filed a lawsuit challenging the Pittsboro Town Board’s June vote of approval authorizing Chatham Park.

The developers’ plans involve the largest mixed-use planned development ever proposed in North Carolina according to a Pittsboro Matters press release. The park is expected to add 55,000 new residents to Pittsboro’s current population of 4,000.

The lawsuit seeks to overturn the approval of a 2013 ordinance—crafted by Cary-based Chatham Park investors— designed to guide the approval and implementation of their Chatham Park proposal. It also asks to overturn the master plan and rezoning of Chatham Park, which the group’s attorney says is unconstitutional.

Pittsboro Matters members say they are not trying to stop Chatham Park completely, but they take issue with the process by which the development would be implemented. They feel that as currently proposed, the plan threatens Pittsboro’s environmental resources, small- town character and residents’ quality of life.

“This is what we and many residents sought in our recommended conditions for approval of this development,” said Pittsboro Matters board member Amanda Robertson. “We want to use this legal action to put Pittsboro and its local residents back in the driver’s seat.”

Check out next week’s edition of the INDY for the full story on the Chatham Park lawsuit.

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