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Riegelwood couple fails in lawsuit against Guinness Book of World Records


A North Carolina flower-growing couple has failed in its efforts to sue the Guinness Book of World Records over its practice of judging the flower competition. 

In a complaint filed two years ago, plaintiffs Everett Wallace and Melody Wagner, from Riegelwood, N.C., called Guinness a corrupt organization. They also asked the Jim Pattison Group, the parent company of Guinness World Records Limited, to turn over its database records.

They argued that they attempted to set a world record by growing an 8'8" Zinnia flower, but that Guinness unfairly denied their application. Similarly, they say their 16-foot Marigold was not properly considered for the contest, and that it would have beat out the record-holding 13-foot Marigold from 2009. They further alleged that they hold 18 world records that are in “violation of the Guinness World Record entry rules.”

The complaint states: "We are holders of several Guinness World Records for growing the [world's] tallest Zinnia and Marigold flowers grown from the seed stock developed by [plaintiff] Everett's belated parents. We have a preponderance of clear and convincing document evidence that will prove the corporation for a number of years has committed fraud in numerous ways." 

They urged Guinness to shut down its world plant category and "to but a stop to the corruption that has been in the system for many years. They requested $1,000,0000 in compensation.

The Pattison Group filed a motion to dismiss the complaint, arguing that they failed to state a claim. On July 14, a judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina granted it. 

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