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Australian national living in Butner sues sheriff for gun permit


An Australian national living in Granville County has sued her sheriff, arguing that the lawman is illegally preventing her from carrying a concealed gun.

Felicity Veasey, who has held a green card since 2001, filed the federal lawsuit against Sheriff Brindell Wilkins last week with the Eastern District of North Carolina, in Raleigh. She is supported by the Second Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit gun rights organization in Washington state, which is serving as Veasey's co-plaintiff. 

North Carolina's statutes does not permit non-citizen residents to obtain conceal carry permits. Veasey, 38, contends the is unconstitutional, in violation of the second and fourteenth amendments. 

Veasey, a former employee for the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C., she has worked with an IT and telecommunications firm since 2001, the complaint states. A former resident of Durham, she now lives in Butner with her husband and son.

In 2012, Veasey was notified by the Sheriff's Office that she was ineligible for a concealed carry permit because she was not a citizen. She applied for one anyway, but was denied. Veasey seeks a declaratory judgement, a temporary and permanent injunction and attorney's fees.

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