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Sweets, not a sweetheart deal for Duke Energy


Lawmakers at the General Assembly got a sweet treat from their wary constituents today: coal ash cupcakes.

And unlike the 39,000 tons of real coal ash that Duke Energy spilled into the Dan River this year, the cupcakes are non-toxic.  

Residents from all over the state took cupcakes around to all 170 Senators’ and Representatives’ offices, urging lawmakers to enjoy the sweets, but to say no to any sweetheart deal that might be in the works with Duke Energy, for its coal ash clean-up plans.

The cupcake delivery, organized by Triangle Duke Energy Action Group and NC WARN, coincides with the Coal Ash Lobby Day. A coalition of environmentalist groups will be voicing their concerns about the effects of coal ash on the environment and on human health in the General Assembly.

“They need to hear first-hand from constituents about how we need coal ash sites cleaned up and that Duke Energy needs to pay for it,” said Kim Porter, a community organizer for NC WARN. “They made the mess, they need to clean it up and they need to do it safely and in a way that won’t impact communities down the road.”

Manju Rajendran, another NC WARN community organizer, said she was arrested earlier this week when she tried to deliver coal ash cupcakes to Governor McCrory.

She wanted to talk to the Governor about coal ash, the fracking bill he signed today and the state’s need to expand Medicaid.

“We can’t be dismantling healthcare infrastructure while we’re poisoning the environment,” Rajendran said. 

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