Laura Fjeld to run for Howard Coble's congressional seat | News

Laura Fjeld to run for Howard Coble's congressional seat

Could a progressive woman replace an old white guy in Congress? Stranger things have happened. Like a youngish African-American man replacing an old white guy in the White House.

U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, a Republican whose gerrymandered 6th District runs from Greensboro and through the northern part of Durham County to north of Raleigh along the Virginia border, is retiring from Congress at age 82.

The Washington Post floated names of Republicans who are considering a run for the seat: Phil Berger Jr., the son of the original Phil Berger, also the State Senate Pro Tempore; Michael Steel of Durham, who is lead spokesman and hankie holder for Speaker John Boehner; and NASCAR driver Terry LaBonte, who likely hopes he’ll fare better 26th-place, his average finish over five races in 2013.
So what Democrat will go where others have feared to tread? Laura Fjeld, who lives in northern Orange County, served for the past five years as vice president and general counsel of the UNC system. She supports women’s reproductive rights and curbing corporate tax loopholes. She’s already set up her website at

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