Redistricting begins again in Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools | News

Redistricting begins again in Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools



Expect redistricting drama to begin anew in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools tonight.

The school system's Board of Education will take on the subject of Glenwood Elementary overcrowding during tonight's meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Smith Middle School auditorium on Seawell School Road. Read the agenda here.

School officials say Chapel Hill's Glenwood Elementary, home of an expanding Mandarin Dual Language program, is already 90 students above its capacity. That number will grow to 155 in 2014-2015 as the school's dual language and non-dual language programs continue to swell.

The popular dual language program allows students to receive instruction in both English and Mandarin with the goal of encouraging bilingual students.

Solutions on the table for school board members include a redistricting and the creation of a magnet school with Spanish and Mandarin dual language programs in fall 2015 or fall 2014.

Redistricting, which must be approved by the Board of Education, figures to affect multiple schools, with one staff recommendation diverting 84 children to Northside and Rashkis elementary schools.

The new redistricting comes just months after school board members settled a contentious redistricting to fill Chapel Hill's Northside Elementary Schools. Expect fresh fireworks. Stay tuned.

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