Updated: New indictments in UNC football scandal could include familiar names | News

Updated: New indictments in UNC football scandal could include familiar names


UPDATE 11/13, 2:35 pm: The Daily Tar Heel reports that Willie Barley and Michael Johnson were the fourth and fifth individuals indicted.

UPDATE 10/15, 8:55 am: WRAL reports that Patrick Jones was among those indicted.

UPDATE 10/9, 12:26 pm: The Daily Tar Heel reports that Terry Watson was indicted, released on a $50,000 bond and will appear in court today at 2 pm.

UPDATE 10/3, 12:55 pm: WRAL reports that Jennifer Wiley was one of five people indicted by the grand jury and is expected to appear in court today.

More criminal charges are pending in the UNC football scandal, and although new indictments have been sealed, five names that have been mentioned in previous investigations could be among them.

Yesterday an Orange County grand jury handed up the indictments after hearing testimony from a Secretary of State agent investigating the UNC football scandal. In 2010 UNC receiver Greg Little, now a member of the Cleveland Browns, accepted more than $20,000 of illicit funds from Georgia-based sports agent Terry Watson, according to a search warrant unsealed last month.

The names on the indictments are redacted, which prompts questions: How many people is the Orange County DA's office pursuing, and what are their roles in the scandal?

Watson is probable, considering that the State has revealed its evidence on him. Jennifer Wiley, a UNC tutor who funneled Watson's payments to Little, according to the State agent, is another obvious candidate. The Secretary of State has issued a search warrant and gathered extensive evidence on her, too.

Beyond that, two additional candidates are Willie Barley,  who referred Little to Watson at a pool party, and Patrick Jones, a Georgia-based Realtor who confessed to a State agent that he sent packages with cash to UNC football players on behalf of Watson.

The State agent investigating the case swore in an affidavit that she had probable cause to believe both men committed crimes.

Durham native and N.C. Central football player Michael Johnson is also under scrutiny. Johnson quarterbacked N.C. Central University's football team through 2011 and was Little's close friend and teammate in high school. His name appeared on the affidavit as a recipient of an airplane ticket to Miami, paid for by Wiley. In addition the Secretary of State discovered through Wiley's phone records that Wiley had contact with Johnson. The search warrant indicated that Watson deposited payments directly into the accounts of student athletes he was recruiting "and into the accounts of people believed to be their friends or girlfriends." 

A second unsealed search warrant indicated that Watson sent  a text to Johnson, asking for his address. Rather than responding with his own address, Johnson sent Watson Wiley's address. A FedEx package with cash later arrived.

Johnson now works for Rosenhaus Sports, the prominent Miami-based agency that currently represents Little.

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